The Crew

bridgesThe Beach Flea crew includes Greg and Lisa Bridges and their children Abby (14) and Luke (10).

Greg and Lisa met at a party at San Diego State University way back in 1991. Greg offered to refill her drink and then bet her $10 that they would get married. Fast forward a few years to driving a 1970 VW Bug around Europe and stopping on a bridge in Paris, the answer from the marriage question was yes thus winning Greg more than just some cash, and then they were honeymooning in the Cook Islands a year later. World travels, building homes, and graduate school soon led to children, sports practices, and pets, but always exploring and camping the Pacific Northwest.

Lisa is in her 9th year as the owner and teacher of a private preschool after spending 12 years as a Kindergarten and 1st grade teacher in the public school system. She prepares little people to be successful in elementary school by fostering developmentally appropriate play with social learning. A true master of her craft. She reads and cooks when not creating fun filled days for her students.

Greg spent 20 years teaching middle and high school students math, social sciences, and construction. Now he shapes surfboards (, builds wooden kayaks, and custom furniture. When he is not working on the boat, he enjoys playing in the ocean, photography, and rebuilding vintage tools.

Abby is a teenager that loves school and plays competitive soccer on a travel team. She also Nordic skis, reads several books a week, plays piano, and is learning to surf. She is wise beyond her years and hard not to like. She gives great hugs.

Luke is an inquisitive young man that excels at math and taking things apart to see how they work. He plays soccer, Minecraft, piano, and loves to fish. Destined to be future engineer or industrial designer. Easy going and full of smiles.

We are looking forward to this adventure of new experiences, togetherness, and world exploration. Fair winds!