The Dog

Satchel Burden Bridges, our chocolate Labrador will be joining us on the trip. He is a true water dog and a master at retrieving birds, but is now retired due to his age. We look forward to rubbing his belly and warming our feet on his furry coat. 13 years of loyalty disproves the saying that money can’t buy love. Meet him and you’ll understand he is worth his weight in gold! We are hoping that he gets to meet up with his first family, now based in Perth, Australia.

UPDATE: Our furry crewmate passed away in our cockpit while at a slip at La Cruz Marina in March, before we crossed to French Polynesia. He was 13 years young. His daily battle with Addison’s and a thyroid problem go the best of him. He is missed everyday. One third of his ashes will be delivered to the Burdens in Australia while another third was scattered as we crossed the equator. The final third is carried wherever Beach Flea may roam. RIP Satchel!SatchelSatchel 2