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Miss American Samoa and Tisa’s Tattoo Festival

October 29, 2017

Luke and I went for a drive and stopped at a beachside shack, teetering on the side of a cliff. We walked into an international tattoo festival with many people getting inked from artists from all over the South Pacific. Wilson, a guy I met a few weeks ago who built a traditional wooden sailing canoe, also happens to be one of the few remaining traditional method tattoo artists. He uses hand crafted needles from bones, shells, and rocks. It’s an authentic way to get a tattoo. If I were to get one, this is how I’d have it done. (I’m still ink free after almost 47 years, but considering one.) We also met Ms. American Samoa who was there to promote tourism between the islands. Luke loved it!

Tattoo tool


Handcrafted inking implements


Kava ceremony

Miss American Samoa 2017

Samoan Bananas growing in the shack

Cool pig tusk necklace

Luke is in love!

Glass float that washed up on the beach

And she can dance!

Awesome flowers everywhere

Coco pods, before opening and roasting



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