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Our visit to Mopelia, French Polynesia.

September 21, 2017

We checked out from the Gendarmerie in Bora, Bora and sailed west to Mopelia, a small atoll with 10-17 people living on it.  We were technically illegal aliens, but the lack of immigration officers or police on the island removed all worries about breaking the law.  Due to the weather, we had to stay in the south anchorage the entire week we were there as the atoll cut down on the wind and swell exposure. That was the only bummer as I met a guy in Tahiti, Hao, that grew up on the island. His family lived in the north anchorage. He requested that we bring them from food as the supply ship only stops there if they have 40 tonnes of copra to pick up. They had 12 tonnes and many weeks of harvesting to go. Im sure the wonderful people we met in the south anchorage will share it with them when the weather allowed for passage up there. We hunted coconut crabs, getting 11 big ones in an hour. It took more time to remove the meat after steaming them than it did to catch them.  We had a great time hunting at night with a flashlight and a mesh bag. Oh, the fish club was useful too. The locals set up a big table for the cruisers to hold a pot luck. Many exotic dishes from all over the world were shared and enjoyed by all. The purple clam curry was my favorite! Guitars and singing capped off the night.

Empty beaches

Slacklining on the beach with Robin from SV MonArk


This place rocks!

Pot of Gold for SV Jadean

Thumbs Up!

Beach games. Strike!

Coconut crab hunting.


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