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San Blas Adventures

January 23, 2017

Since pictures tell a thousand words each, here is a few thousand worth of San Blas!


Croc lurking

14 footer sleeping on the bank

Swamp huts (old movie props)

Terrapin Station Revisited

Heron hanging out

Iguana getting ready to pounce from above

Brother Heron

Wild river swimmers

Way down from the deep depths

Panga rider

Don’t feed the wild animals, just get them fresh tropical fruit juice!

Here fishy, fishy

I’ve got my eye on you (4 feet away)

Waiting for something good?

Hanging out, waiting for a friend


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  • Reply A Family Afloat (Shawnigan) January 24, 2017 at 6:17 AM

    Great pictures guys!

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