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June 2017

    Authentic Friends Photos Travel

    Just Pictures Again

    June 28, 2017

    16,000 words worth of pictures. Fire Dancer The Barnacle Rally Tug-O-War Team. Winners! Local Luke winning the kids banana race Abby and Briley from SV Me Too Liz from SV Fandango and Abby splitting coconuts Outrigger race, Team Barnacle Rally finished 2nd Have some coconut water! Local Luke in the canoe Lisa lifting the 70 lbs stone. She got it 1/2 way. Local in native dress Abby in the outrigger Lisa having fun paddling Abby cracking a coconut open Fire…

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  • Authentic Diving Fish On! Photos Travel

    Just pictures

    Nuku Hiva Sunset #170 Sunhat Briely getting her Haka on! Marqueses Flag Locals Prepping dinner Really big tree Nuku Hiva landfall Ron with the tutu The big one that got away Scattering Satchel’s ashes…

    June 20, 2017